Friday, June 5, 2009


Whoops! I'm so sorry for the lack of bloggage these past few weeks, and for not commenting on y'alls blogs the way I normally do.

For most of my life I've been a pack rat (like everyone else in my family), but these past few years I've been wanting a major change: a life of minimalism! And while I talked and talked + fantasized about getting rid of all this excess for a couple years, I never actually took action. *sigh*

But that changed last month! Finally, I started selling off the dozens of shoes I've never worn, the books I've read 3x over, the dvd's I've watched a million times, even the records I no longer have time to sit back and enjoy.

I took some time off from our regular EBay listings to focus on liquidating that stuff. And it feels GREAT. Seriously. I don't miss 'em one bit. I just hope whoever acquired them loves and appreciates them : ).

But enough about that! It's back to business over here, and this month Knockout Vintage Clothing is OVERFLOWING with amaaaaaaaaaaazing stuff! What's left of the dresses from the Miss Teen USA stylist's estate are currently for sale, in addition to other great 50s and 80s party dresses for you last minute prom shoppers (and 24 hour party people).

We're trying to sell more 50s dresses again! When Knockout Vintage Clothing launched 9 years ago, that's pretty much all we sold - 40s and 50s pinup style stuff. It's gotten harder to find in good condition since, so we'll just have to search harder : P.

Of course, we'll continue to stock on-trend vintage! We currently have some really cute bandage dresses, 'secretary' dresses, and sun dresses in our new EBay store. ALL of our store items will include free shipping within the USA!

As always, we stock only the best stuff, yet keep our prices competitive and affordable for you savvy shoppers! A lot of EBay's 'big guy' dealers buy wholesale from us to re-sell on EBay. If you don't feel like overpaying, check us out and get straight to the source ; ).

Here are my fav pics of this weeks listings:

My absolute favorite item of the month. Metallic gold origani + rhinestones! THE 80s DRESS TO END ALL 80s DRESSES!!!

Metallic op art : )

High waisted sailor pinup shorts, from the 70s.

Like a virgin!!! Sooooooooooo Madonna. <3>


Tiered ruffles + sequins + rouching! See EBay for a better look.

Fashion's answer to Audrey Kitching's hair.

Metallic lace + tiered ruffles. 80s heaven.

If the Little Mermaid lived in the 80s...

Electro pinup gone mermaid!

Strawberry Switchblade?

Metallic marabou and a bandage cut. High fashion/high drama.

Minnie Mouse gone rock & roll!


50s red silk chiffon + rayon crepe. Hello, Marilyn.

Early - mid 50s Anne Fogarty piece! Very high end ready to wear ala Lilly Diamond and Suzy Perette.

Sorry they're so space consuming. If there's a way to do a 'cut' ala livejournal, someone clue me in.

Stay tuned for our exclusive interview with Cutie Dynamite and much more - coming sooooon!

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing