Friday, April 24, 2009


"Camille Rose Garcia was born in 1970 in Los Angeles, California and grew up in the generic suburbs of Orange County, visiting Disneyland and going to punk shows with the other dissenchanted youth of that era. Her paintings of creepy cartoon children living in wasteland fairy tales are critical commentaries on the failures of capitalist utopias. Creative influences include Phillip K. Dick, William Burroughs, Henry Darger,Walt Disney, as welll as politically aware bands like The Clash and Dead Kennedys. Her recent solo show, Ultraviolenceland, explored ideas of violence and empire.

Her work has appeared in Flaunt Magazine, Rolling Stone, Juxtapoz, and Paper Magazine, among others. She currently lives in Los Angeles." ~ from Camilla Rose Garcia's website.

She's without a doubt my favorite artist, and one I'm hoping will someday take over the world! I'm usually not a big fan of artist/celebrity licensed products, but if she were to branch out into the world of fashion and glamour, you bet I'd LINE UP to buy her stuff. She's already done wallpaper and dolls, so my hopes are pretty high.

I'd love to see her do an environmentally friendly high fashion line. I imagine it'd look much like Galliano's Fall of 2007 collection:

And a mineral makeup collaboration between her and M.A.C. would be splendid! The products could have names like toxic sludge, gangrene, and pharmaceutical blue. Haha.

If you could have any two artists/companies do a collaboration, who would they be, and what would they make?

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Clothing

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I was so heartbroken to learn yesterday that Sable Starr (aka Sabel Starr, aka Sable Shields) has left the building. At only 51 years of age she passed away in her Nevada home, defeated by cancer. Like Ron Asheton, Dave Dee, and Lux Interior, she's ditched '09 for the great big rock show in the sky.

A Johnny Thunders/Sable/Iggy Pop sandwich. Yum! Photo by Bob Gruen.

Sable was among the most infamous of second wave rock groupies, who followed (and fooled around with) artists such as Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and the
New York Dolls. With gal pals Queenie and Lori Ligntning often in tow she hit the Hollywood club scene; becoming a fixture at infamous hot spots such as the 'Riot House', Rodney's English Disco, and the Rainbow. A known rival of Pamela des Barres, she was also a regular feature in the short lived groupie-centric Star Magazine. This led to her catching the eye of a certain Johnny Thunders, who eventually became her boyfriend.

Sable raised hell, rocked out, partied like a rockstar, partied with rockstars, and saw the world; all before the age of 21. But then, while many of her cohorts carried on throughout the 80's and 90's, Sable vanished into obscurity.

Rumors of her fate ranged from the very best to the very worst, and only her closest friends (who've honored her privacy all these years) know the full story. What is known is that she eventually had a son, attended card dealing school, and worked at a casino in Nevada. Whatever the case may be, I hope she was given a good hand in life.

R.I.P. Sable. I always hoped I'd meet you. Maybe someday in another life I will : ).

xoxo, SarahJayne

Monday, April 20, 2009


From her early work with Biba to her latest work with Wunderkind, Sarah Moon captures fashion in a way quite unlike her contemporaries; deceptively simple with blinding precision. Each photo bears a melancholy air; blurred as if filtered through a monsoon, the subject just out of reach a calm after the storm (or perhaps the other way around). No rainbows without rain.

As a fan of Victorian/Edwardian French postcards and boudior photography, I fancy her work in particular because much of it evokes that vibe. Sadly, her presence on the web is rather illusive. She's currently represented by
Renate Gallois Montbrun though; click on the link to enjoy a slideshow. In the meantime, enjoy these pics as well.

The artist herself. Self portrait.

All photos by Sarah Moon

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Clothing


There's always a handful of pics from each Knockout Clothing shoot that really stand out to me. Here are my faves of the week. I adore working with Melissa Meaow! She danced ballet for 20 years, go-go dances with the Lolli Dollies troupe, throws great parties with the Melissa's Deluxe, is one of the top faces of the Texas alt. modeling and pinup/burlesque scene, and has loads upon loads of other credentials - including an appearance in the upcoming Semi Precious Weapons video for 'rock & roll never looked so beautiful'. The girl knows how to pose, and has such a wide range; from haughty and glamorous to sweet and fun to outright goofy!

But despite all her accomplishments, she isn't the least bit conceited, and is a great person to boot : ).

All photos by Dylan Hollingsworth.

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Clothing

Sunday, April 19, 2009


What I wouldn't give to step back in time and live as a 70s groupie for a day...

Staring at pics like this is the much needed break I take between working on our listings. 30 more vintage dresses were added to the
Knockout Clothing Ebay store, and (can you believe it?) I'll be listing a few more tomorrow too. I'm tired! And I desperately need to leave the house and do something fun!

xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Clothing